Content Management System (CMS)

Database driven

A website with a content management system is a database driven website that allows users to easily update the content on the website. Content Management System known as CMS is a system which allows users to manage their content, without any knowledge of HTML on a friendly user-interface site Database-driven websites are more complex to design, but can be much easier for you to maintain your site’s content than a static HTML web site.

Database driven content management systems use a database for collecting and storing information. Users on database-driven websites such as WordPress, Blogger, Weebly and Wix, can add, edit or delete information or content by themselves. However, non-database content management systems known as flat file CMS means data is structured around a matrix of folders or files without any import from a conventional database. Users on non-database systems have limited options, for example, you are able to add features such as basic search, images or Google Maps to their site.

Database driven websites using a CMS such as WordPress have admin panel with user-friendly interfaces where you can manage the site content. You can add, edit, or delete info by yourself. You can add or delete blog posts or web pages.

Example of a database driven website [Wordpress]
Customising menu

Benefits of Database driven CMS

  • Managing the website can be done with minimal training.
  • Changing the website content can be done without specialized knowledge or expertise.
  • The website administrator does not need to know HTML in order to make any changes.
  • Most database-driven websites allow visitors to search the database to find a product or answer a question. All they have to do is enter the product name or question in the search form.
  • Your database-driven website can be as large as you choose to make it. New pages will be created automatically as you add more records to your database.

Non-Database driven

Dubbed as the smallest CMS, a zipped WonderCMS file is only 10kb. This makes the pages load ultra-fast. But for its tiny size, it has features other CMS have in this category, such as SEO-optimized settings, editing-from-mobile function, a WYSIWYG editor, easy theming, clean URLs option, and protected login access. Editing content is easy – clicking anywhere in your admin panel will enable you to edit any content you see.

WonderCMS Homepage
Editing menu
Features of WonderCMS

Database driven CMS can be used for both large and small projects, due to their user-friendly interface and the features and plugins that come with these websites. Non-database driven CMS is best suited to smaller projects as the features are limited.



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