Social Media Plugins

Social media widgets available on POWr

Social Media Features

  • Facebook feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Tumblr Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Pinterest Feed
  • Social Media Icons


Customising a Twitter feed on POWr

GetSocial is a simple set of social widgets focused on growing your traffic, your sales and your conversions. It’s overwhelming the number of products who provide a single-feature on their offerings. GetSocial is the one-stop shop for social media apps that help you improve your results. People love widgets specially in social media platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

GetSocial will give you access to new data you weren’t aware of. You’ll know exactly what, where to and how people are sharing your content as well as whatever impact those shares bring to your website. With this new data you can:

  •  Identify which stories are becoming viral and immediately feature or promote them in the best social networks for instant and amplified traffic.
  • Optimise content sponsoring by amplifying content that is organically contributing to your website’s growth.
Pricing for GetSocial


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