Database CMS

Content Management System known as CMS is a system which allows users to manage their content, without any knowledge of HTML on a friendly user-interface site.

Database-driven content management systems use a database for collecting and storing information. Users on database-driven websites such as, Drupal, you can edit or delete information or content by themselves. Database-driven CMS systems can be used for both large and small projects, due to their user-friendly interface design and the amount of features and plugins such as calendars and maps that are available.

Benefits of Database driven CMS

  • Managing the website can be done with minimal training.
  • Changing the website content can be done without specialized knowledge or expertise.
  • The website administrator does not need to know HTML in order to make any changes.
  • Most database-driven websites allow visitors to search the database to find a product or answer a question. All they have to do is enter the product name or question in the search form.
  • Your database-driven website can be as large as you choose to make it. New pages will be created automatically as you add more records to your database.


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