Non-Database CMS

Non-database content management systems known as flat file CMS means data is structured around a matrix of folders or files without any import from a conventional database. Users on non-database systems have limited option (features) which is why the systems are best-suited for smaller projects.  Dynamic websites cannot be created without databases.

Advantages of Non-Database CMS system:

Less expensive to run

They require less-expensive server usage so can run on any shared hosting.


Databases are often the first thing hackers target and without a database that potential security hole will be completely removed.

These flat-file systems are not just solid candidates for blogs and collaborative written projects though, but fantastic for e-portfolios, product sites, shops and other brochure or informational sites too.


There’s no need to configure or maintain a database and this is a big thing for a lot of people. Saves so much time and often a headache. “Installation” is just a matter of uploading files to a server and boom. Your site is ready.


Without needing to connect to a database to retrieve content makes the site much much faster. WordPress sites, even acutely configured ones, can take 3 seconds to load pages. Most flat-file systems will show content in under half a second.


A flat-file site can quickly be moved to another server without needing to export and configure a database. It’s a simple as SFTP or SSH, or drag and drop in most cases. You could put it on a disc if you wanted just to be retro! (Or just send via dropbox). They often come with auto-backup built in too so it’s simple to install, transfer and backup.



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