Overall, even though I had to change my whole idea, I liked this project. i gave me the chance to work with systems I have never used before or heard of. I enjoyed researching different areas for the website when it came to the attractions and activities pages.

Initially for my website I was wanting a completely different layout with other pages along with the ones that ended up in my final pieces. I had to get rid of those as I either could not create them on some of the systems or it would have been too much for the website.

I wanted to create a simple website that would be easy for people to navigate and so that they would not be overwhelmed with a lot of widgets or information. P put on the page what they would need to know about each activity/attraction and then added in a more information section if they wanted to know anymore. if they didn’t then it would mean they did not waste too much time on the website reading a whole load of information for something they did not want to take part in.

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