At first I was unsure about this project as I was not familiar when it came to designing apps. After initial research however I was starting to enjoy it, it was something new and enjoyable.

For my project I chose the food app brief. I chose this one as I wanted to try and create a different interface for a food app that made it easy for the user to navigate on mobile. As all food apps seem to follow the same design I needed to find a way around this. To start by getting away from the standard design I began designing some initial ideas with a different type of menu than what you would get with an app like, Just Eat.

The main problem that was presented with this brief was the menu interfaces as all food apps I looked at had the same scrolling menu to look for restaurants. My way around this was to only use the logos, although food apps have the standard look so that the user can see some information about the place before clicking. I like the idea of just looking through the logos however because when it comes to picking a place to eat people see the logo first.

When it came to prototyping my app I tried a few different tools but in the end I used Invision which was  easy enough to use when it came to creating transitions and hotspots.

If I were to go back to this project I would like to add in the things I wanted to add originally before running out of time to do it and add in more restaurant pages so that there is a variety to look through.


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